Our Partners

We are very fortunate to have been able to assemble tremendous talent teaming with Jwahir Enterprises Inc. and Diversegy LLC to synergistically move forward with this initiative. Our combined efforts of contractual, technical, aeronautical, and energy experience put us in a very unique position to bring service and education to our customers in a new and improved format. If you are in need of aircraft transient services, when you sign on with BDS, you automatically benefit from the expertise that Jwahir Enterprises Inc. brings to the table. If you are in need of energy management services, when you sign on with BDS, you automatically benefit from the expertise that Diversegy LLC brings to the table. This assures that the quality of service you receive is unsurpassed bringing you the solutions your company needs to meet its requirements.

Jwahir Enterprises Inc.

Jwahir Enterprises Inc. brings a resume of technical engineering, operational and marketing expertise that allows the opportunity to capitalize in the most lucrative sector of clean energy which centers around aviation research, testing, & operations as well as facility management. Jwahir also provides engineering expertise and consulting with clean energy initiatives and energy management systems. Our services break down into two major disciplines: Aviation/Aerospace and Energy Technologies.

Robert F. Newkirk: is the Chief Executive Officer for Jwahir Enterprises Inc. He brings a wealth of technical experience to the BDS team with his technical background in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering.  His test & evaluation background with aircraft modifications, aircraft to hangar interfaces, spacecraft environmental testing, flight testing and transient certification, gives BDS the expertise to ensure our transient services are paramount for the customer’s needs.  He is also a consultant with the MIT Educational Counsel and the MIT Energy Initiative in Cambridge, MA. He holds a  degree from MIT in Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering and his focus in his graduate studies was Systems Management.

Diversegy LLC

With over 150 years of combined experience, and having built some of the country’s foremost energy companies over the course of their careers, the partners of Diversegy bring a wealth of experience and perspective to the firm’s energy brokerage and advisory services. Furthermore, the team at Diversegy brings a range of expertise and backgrounds that enhances the firm’s ability to transact energy deals for leading commercial and industrial entities.

The cornerstone of Diversegy’s strategy is to combine our operational approach, credibility, and energy experience with entities that have the vision, expertise and commitment to successfully grow their business. Together, Diversegy seeks to inform and educate prospective customers on their options and secure the deal that makes sense for them. Our portfolio of competitive energy products from some of the industry’s leading, most innovative and stable companies offers every business a benefit to control their energy costs, oftentimes identifying strategies that lead to long-term energy savings.

Mr. Alex Rodriguez is the Chairman & CEO of Diversegy LLC. He has most recently served as Chairman of North American Utility Partners ("NAUP"). Before founding the NAUP, Mr. Rodriguez was the Founder and Managing Director of Operations at Stream Energy. Stream Energy was one of the fastest growing startup entities in US business history and reached the $850 million revenue mark in its fourth year of operations. In 2003, Mr. Rodriguez served as Vice President of Marketing at Utility Choice Electric. Earlier, in 2001, Mr. Rodriguez co-founded two energy brokerage firms that generated over $600 million in electricity and/or natural gas commercial contracts.