Hospital, Health, Clinical Services and Supplies

BDS and our partners have an invested interest in helping support the healthcare industry with its hospital, health, and clinical services.  Our main focus is to support LEED certification & energy procurements for healthcare facilities, program planning & development, and HIV/AIDS prevention particularly in the Metropolitan Washington DC area and across the nation. We support our client’s Health Intervention programs that assist in promoting mental and physical health to their customer’s patients and loved ones through a wide variety of professional care, psychotherapy, and medication management as well as therapy groups and peer based services.  These programs help address many concerns for those who are dependent on the healthcare system for support, particularly people living with HIV/AIDS looking for support.  Historically, we are have invested experience in the following areas:

– Hospital Staffing
– Hospital Sanitation and Cleaning
– Ministerial Counseling and Mental Health Intervention
– Substance Abuse and Mental Health Disorders
– Program planning and Development
– Medical Record Technology
– Medical Supply Buyer
– Hospital, Health, Clinical Services and Supplies

We supply these 3M and other products to our customers

Customer support is critical in establishing healthcare excellence and BDS takes pride in delivering unsurpassed customer service so that their patients obtain the detailed healthcare that they deserve. We believe in efficient and effective resolutions so that our customers can focus on the most important of all, their patients.