Transit Aircraft & Aircraft Services

Aviation is unlike any other part of the transportation sector.  The travel chaos that took place in Europe in 2010 was a clear demonstration of the societal and economical importance that aviation has.  No other mode of transportation enables such rapid movement of people and goods across countries and continents.  Given the economic means, billions of people will be flying for a day meetings long distances away or for extravagant vacations. Given these trends, it is no surprise that aviation is the fastest growing part of the transportation sector.

Our quality of services is geared specifically to support this aviation movement.  We manage everything from ground control crews, Gas-N-Go flight support, turbine oil, hydraulic fluid, and electrical and pneumatic starting units.  BDS is committed to exceeding our customer’s expectations and our record shows by our previous performances at Plattsburgh AFB, Niagra Falls AFB, and Griffis AFB in New York.  BDS maintains a qualified team of experienced professionals on hand to provide customized solutions to meet our customers’ unique needs.  Our corporate infrastructure promotes effective and efficient solutions using a foundation of highly trained and motivated workforce that specializes in aviation ground services. We base our formula for success on thoroughly developed policies and procedures taken from Air Force Policy Directives combined with a solid commitment to ensure timely flow-through of aircraft to the ultimate goal of getting our customers to where they need to go in a safe and efficient manner.