Energy Deregulation Services

In 2011, Congress passed the federal law that mandates the deregulation of energy sources of natural gas and electricity.  This deregulation law specifically affects the energy distribution of the suppliers now giving choice to the consumers of whom they get their energy sources from.  BDS and its partners are primed to support commercial and federal consumers who are looking to take advantage of this initiative as the states pass how to administrate it through their legislation.  As a result, we help small businesses purchase their power in the same manner that big businesses do.  Customers can now opt to pay different rates based on when they use power and/or get paid for using less power during peak periods.  Our team guides our customers through the ornery process of filtering through the suppliers available to narrow down to the supplier with excellent customer services, most competitive rates, and best deals on the market.  The additional services we provide are energy brokering & load aggregation, long term wholesale procurement planning, and onsite solar installations.