The BDS priority is to make technology work for our customer’s mission.   We leverage internal technology expertise as well as that of our trusted IT partners to create full-service solutions that integrate cutting-edge technologies to improve results.  We have worked with pioneers of technology like IBM, G-Tech, and Microsoft.  Our goal is to reduce your workload and problems while improving your process, production, proficiency, and project management. BDS eLearning and webinar capabilities engage trainees across the country. BDS engages participants in multiple locations in computerized simulations and action learning.
We can create organizational efficiencies through technology integration, support your organization in adapting to new technologies, or offer full-service solutions with integrated technological elements.

Our information technology services include:

  • Computer Facility Management Services
  • Computer Repair and Dependent Office Machines
  • Computer Training – Software and Hardware
  • Technology Consulting and Contracting
  • Change Management through Technology
  • Webinar, Website Development and E-Training portals
  • Project Management and Quality Assurance IT Tools
  • Business Continuity – Back up and Disaster Recovery
  • Virtualization of Data Centers
  • Help Desk Development
  • Health Informatics and Medical Technology